This is the most recent series of paintings I have completed.  Inspired by vintage, WPA-era National Parks posters, these images are painted with latex-based, repurposed house paint on canvas.  Each one depicts a familiar scene from near Portland, Oregon.  Prints of various sizes are available for purchase.  Please click on the SHOP tab for more information. 

1912-03 Brian Devine03 tent web2000
1912-03 Brian Devine04 kayak web600
1912-03 Brian Devine02 backpack web2000.
1912-03 Brian Devine01 surfboard web2000
1903-04 Brian Devine01 Mt
1811-11 Brian Devine01 Odell lake web100
1902-04 Brian Devine01 multnomah falls w
1712-19 Brian Devine01 web1000
1710-17 briian devine01 Oregon trees crop web1000
1709-06 Brian Devine02 Web HiDef
1709-06 Brian Devine01 Web HiDef
1705-05 Brian Devine01 VW Bus web1000